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International Shipping


Other countries (outside Spain and Portugal) On request.   

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It is possible that some items are subject to obtaining an export permit, and where appropriate, for shipping to countries outside the European Union, to the payment of an export fee that must be paid by the buyer. In the same way, if there are import taxes in the country of destination, these must be paid by the buyer.

Shipment contracted by the buyer

If so desired, the customer can request freight with the carrier company you want, so that you send your trusted carrier or courier company to pick up the item. The items will be delivered as is, so that it will be the transport company or the customer, responsible for their packaging and protection if necessary. The packing of the articles to the seller can be ordered, agreeing the conditions of the same, although this work in this case will be billed separately. In any case, having chosen this possibility of postage by the buyer, it will be the client himself who will make his transport company responsible for the possible damages suffered by the merchandise during the transport, as well as the arrival of the same.

Liability and transport guarantees

In the event that any item reaches the destination with any damage or deterioration that has occurred during transport, Antiques Versailles will be responsible and refund the amount paid to the buyer once the item is returned by the customer, under the best conditions possible.

In this case, the customer must notify it irrefutably and leave a record by email or similar in the hours following receipt, providing a description of the damage, attaching some photographs.

These are mostly old items, more than 100 years old, or several years old, even tens of years in the rest, so they can present some deterioration, wear or small damages produced by the passage of time or the use.


It is preferable to unpack the article immediately after it is received and, if possible, in the presence of the carrier, especially in the case of very fragile objects, containing, for example, glass or glass, porcelain, marble or stone.

Attention Architectural disadvantages

It is considered that the home delivery merchandise does not present architectural barriers or inconveniences, so that there are no special difficulties that neither by their weight nor volume, prevent the delivery either by stairs or elevator, without internal turns at home or dismantling of doors And windows or furniture movement. In the case of the use of crane or furniture, it will be contracted by the customer and at his own expense, regardless of our shipping conditions. It will not be necessary to use pulleys or similar mechanisms to lift goods up the stairs or other interior spaces of the building. It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the articles are accessed by stairs, doors and corridors. The transport service is not authorized to raise any type of merchandise by facade or the exterior of the property. No home deliveries will be made in properties that are difficult to access for heavy transportation, or forbidden access, such as dirt roads, historic hulls or streets with a prohibited access for trucks of 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg of MMA maximum authorized mass.


All our ivory items have their corresponding Certificate that proves their legality. Either the Certificate of Guarantee of Antiquity or the Certificate Cites, which enables its legal trade within the European Union. Along with each of our ivory items you receive the official ivory control certificate (reference and origin) and an accrediting invoice.

The Certificate "Cites" granted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Foreign Trade of the Government of Spain, endorses the origin of the ivory used in our criselefantinas. This is the only way to guarantee, not only the value of the ivory, but the legal origin of this valuable raw material.

Only with these documents is it possible to transfer the sculptures and market them within the European Union. Both documents are indispensable to be able to trade with the sculptures and only with them the work will be within the legality, revaluing all its value.

Antiques Versailles, only trade with ivory holder of this certificate Cites, essential within the European Union. Always demand the "Cites" certificate.

Prior to the purchase and export of ivory articles to countries that do not belong to the European Union, the client must make the necessary consultations in the corresponding Ministry of his country before the possibility or not of said import of ivory elements, in his case.


Due to the possibility of errors in entering data into this website, prices, etc ... Antiques Versalles reserves the right to rectify in the event that at any time it is detected that there has been given erroneous information about some element for sale. This right shall lapse at the moment when the customer has formalized the purchase with the payment of the same, signing the price stipulated up to that moment.


The present website under the domain is free and open access. Its main purpose is the dissemination and sale of antiques and exclusive items for interior decoration. The owner of this website is the company Olson 96, S.L. with CIF

B-09311341, with address in Bilbao, C / Juan de Garay, 39, Basque Country, Spain and email


In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on Personal Data Protection at national and European level, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (RGPD) and national regulations, "ANTIGÜEDADES VERSALLES (OLSON 96 SL CIF B09311341) "guarantees the adoption of the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidential treatment of personal data.

Likewise we inform you that in case you contact ANTIGÜEDADES VERSALLES, by phone or by email, or having formalized a purchase, your data could be incorporated into our files in order to maintain contact with you to send communications that may be of interest to you because of the contractual or commercial relationship that exists between the parties, as long as there is a mutual interest for it or the negotiation or contractual relationship between them. The personal data obtained directly from you, will not be shared with any third party, and will be guarded according to the means that the legislation has, to guarantee its confidentiality.

ANTIGÜEDADES VERSALLES, will not use your personal data to carry out massive advertising campaigns, but simply may communicate sporadically to offer you items for sale in relation to your interest shown in your previous communications.

However, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification and deletion of your personal data, as well as the rights of limitation and opposition to your treatment, using the following information: Responsible: Juan Fuentes Lazpita,


If you consider that the processing of personal data does not comply with the current Data Protection regulations, you may submit a claim to the Control Authority












Items with purchase price (€)

(Spain and Portugal)

The cost of postage to Spain and Portugal peninsular, is reflected for each item or piece of furniture. The indicated cost also includes the destinations of Andorra, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands for the case of articles that by size and weight, are adapted to the general parcel service. On the other hand, in the case of furniture or objects of large size or weight, outside the concept of parcels, the price indicated will only serve destinations within the peninsula.




If you know the amount of shipping costs

(Spain and Portugal)

It is recommended that you contact us, by phone or by email, to confirm that the article of your interest is still available. Once confirmed, you must formalize the purchase, making the deposit or transfer of the total amount of the purchase (price of the item and shipping costs), in the account BBVA ES77 0182 4917 8002 0002 5121, (BIC: BBVAESMM), Owner OLSON 96 SL, indicating in the Concept the reference number of the article.

In case of collecting the item in our facilities, you must pay only the amount of the item, for your reservation, and you will have to make an appointment to pick it up either at the store or at the warehouse. In case you request the shipment, you must indicate the address in detail and a contact telephone number to facilitate the delivery by the transport company.

If you do not know the amount of shipping costs

First you must indicate the destination city so that you can calculate the amount of transport costs.

Once the amount is known, follow the steps above.

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Items with indication of consultation (C)

Even if the destination is located in Spain or Portugal, the specific query must be made indicating the destination and accessibility conditions.

In the case of large furniture, and large distances, may require high costs of specialized carrier, so that there is the possibility of reserving the furniture based on a lower cost of postage established, waiting for there to be another shipment of large piece of furniture that can be a combined trip due to both destinations, reducing costs for both. In this case, if the combined postage has not been achieved within the established period of 2 months, the buyer may choose either to refund the amount of the reservation or to extend the waiting period.